Established in 2020 by Ľudmila and Erik Blaho, Project LEA is a multidisciplinary design studio focused primarily on architecture, interior design and product design.

At LEA, we strive for simplicity, functionality, truth to materials, respect for nature and context. Our goal is to find a balance between raw and elegant, between natural and enhanced by technology, between traditional and the future. We push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of architecture and design. We are dedicated to delivering unique, tailored solutions for our clients through constant experimentation and testing of new ideas and technologies. We are always adapting and evolving, always pushing the envelope, always striving for excellence, to stay ahead of the curve. A diverse range of design disciplines allow us to bring a unique perspective and cross-disciplinary approach to our work which can lead to more innovative projects. Our guiding principle is to create designs that are not only visually appealing, but also functional, sustainable, user-centric, with a focus on enduring relevance for both the present and the future.

Ľudmila Blaho

Ľudmila is an architect and a founding member of LEA. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Slovak University of Technology with a focus on public buildings. Ľudmila has a passion for design, and her expertise in architecture is complemented by her keen eye for detail and sense of new trends. Throughout her studies and after graduation, Ľudmila gained valuable experience in several architectural studios, where she designed commercial interiors for a well-known development company, commercial bank interiors, family houses of various sizes, apartment buildings, and residential interiors tailored to specific clients. At LEA, Ľudmila brings her extensive knowledge, skills and experience to every project, working at the edge of architecture and design to deliver innovative, sustainable and efficient designs. She is dedicated to continuously improving herself and keeping track of every new trend in the industry.

Erik Blaho

Erik is an architect and a founding member of LEA. He obtained his degree from the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Slovak University of Technology, with a specific focus on residential buildings and urban design. During his master’s degree studies, Erik decided to specialize in urban planning, allowing him to gain a more comprehensive understanding of architecture from a holistic perspective. After completing his education, Erik gained valuable experience by working in various architectural studios. This experience provided him with a well-rounded skill set in all areas of architecture and interior design. He has been involved in a wide range of architectural projects, encompassing different scales and types. These projects include designing residential interiors, family houses, office spaces, apartment buildings, office complexes, public spaces, and even the design of new city districts. Erik also brings a different perspective to all his projects, as he worked for real estate development companies. This experience has given him a deep understanding of clients’ needs and expectations, which is crucial in the field of architecture and design. In addition to these experiences, he is also dedicated to the technological sphere, where he is engaged in product management in the development of BIM software for the AEC industry.


2021 – 1st place – Building with a roof tile Tondach V11 – Wienerberger
2020 – 1st place – Display surfaces in architecture – Samsung Electronics